Mr.Energy Na Casa


Sitting off Africa’s West Coast, Cape Verde is an island that combines the rhythms of Afro Beat, Afro Swing and Afro Pop, and with the native and modern sounds of Funaná, Passáda, Ghetto Zouk, Cabo Love, Coladera.

With that cultural heritage coursing through his veins, it is hardly surprising that when growing up in one of Portugal’s toughest ghettos, Mr Energy Na Casa would blend in the sounds of Hip-Hop and RnB.
When poverty surrounds you and the cupboards are almost bare, it is music that sustains the soul. Dancing, singing and lifting the spirit was their escapism, and so it was for Mr Energy Na Casa.
Dreaming of a better future, his outstanding EP ‘Life As It Is – The True Story of V’, made its extraordinary debut in 2022. Syncopated West African beats accompanied by vocals that are delivered in Portuguese and English defined his way forward.
Containing 5 tracks that announced his arrival on the scene, he is about to follow that up with the brilliant Wakanda Forever. A modern-day romance inspired by the fabled kingdom; Mr Energy Na Casa weaves a glorious superpower love story together with his signature sounds. With his native rhythms of Cape Verde featured throughout the song, the track delivers an infectious groove that will stay in the memory forever.
Now based out of Prague and with music that spans the continents of Africa, Europe and South America, Mr Energy Na Casa has the fuel to take you home and surround you with songs that will touch your heart forever.